Pharmacist  NASSER ABU-LAIL (1948 – 2003)


– Born in the village Kforqod-Jenin-Palestine in 1948.

– He holds a Bachelor of Pharmacy-University of Baghdad-in 1972.

– The founder of Abu-Lail Pharmacy in the city of Zarqa in 1974 and still in existence until now.

– Medical promotion supervisor at major pharmaceutical companies in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in the period (1975-1980).

– Pharmacist in charge and the General Manager of  AL-Hilal Pharmacy in Al Khobar , Saudi Arabia (1981-1994), which has become one of the strongest and largest pharmacies in the eastern region Under his administration.



– The founder of Nasser Abu-Lail Trading Establishment NATE (Medical Department) in the capital Amman in 1995, then the business was renamed after his death in 2003 to become Abu-Lail Medical & Sport Center.

– A founding Shareholder at Philadelphia University.

– A founding Shareholder in Specialty Hospital.

– Shareholder at Applied Sciences University.

– Holds prizes honoring the achievement, development and innovation during his career in Saudi Arabia and later in his own project in Jordan.

– He had established his owned institution in Jordan and in a short period, it became a leader company in the medical sector and have acquired good reputation and market share in Medical Service Institutions.